Channel Management is the essence of partner loyalty and is essential for business growth and continuity. The quality of Channel Management defines the level of partner commitment and its vendor mindshare. Sales automation based on PRM (Partner Relationship Management) systems enables vendors to create Channel sales transparency, partner base optimization and indirect business monitoring & reporting.
Channel Management is comprised of methodology, best practices, and automation technology all enableing professional management and control.​

Our Services & Knowhow

• Building a tailored Channel Management process and methodology per organization and industry to best suit your
company’s strategy and resources.
​• Providing the internal sales force knowhow and tools t​o better manage and monitor your partners.
• Helping organizations analyze market feedback and partner inputs.
• Supporting organizations in scoping, deploying and managing a PRM system.
• Optimizing sales & marketing local efforts and tools for monitoring achievement of pre-set joint targets.
• Defining a 30-day -> 90-day -> 180-day process with high touch and assessment points
• Providing techniques to encourage partner growth and preserve long-term relationships with go-to-market partners
​  > Analyzing partner commitment and growing mindshare
> Engaging with partner management team – QBR’s and designated sessions / reports
> Growing the channel sales force obligation to success
• Securing sales and business continuity per target market – empowering growth by providing on-ground sales support  throughout first deals and constantly engaging partner management team.
> Building joint marketing plans to grow market footprint – by segment or vertical
> Creating tools for business monitoring to help partner and vendor analyze progress
> Building sales incentive programs for partner sales force
• Best practices – Do’s & Don’ts in Channel Management, motivating partners and individuals for successful relationship,  building joint processes, monitoring and incentivizing channel sales force and more.


• Increase sales by constantly growing your partners’ business
• Develop an efficient channel coverage per territory
• Ability to monitor online partner commitment and success
• Top management dashboards and reporting
• Transparency and synchronization of your company’s indirect business
• Ensure your sales force and channel managers motivate and engage their channel partners