Companies wishing to grow international reach and penetrate global markets need to develop an indirect go-to-market plan via sales channels. In order to succeed, you will need to recruit the right Channel Partners to best suit your company’s goals and strategy. This should be followed by a closely managed partner ramp-up and enablement, and secured with highly engaged joint sales and marketing, business monitoring and partner sales incentives.

Our Services & Knowhow

• Recruiting the right Channel Partners matching your company’s strategy – a matrix that includes both
analyzing product, scale, competition, and examining potential target territories, specific market segments and
vertical industries you wish to penetrate.
> Building a partnerprofile recruitment strategy
> Providing a prospect partner list per territory (i.e. Asia), vertical market (i.e. Oil & Gas) or segment (i.e. SMB)
> Defining and executing a partner qualification process
> Engaging commercially to close a partnership agreement and KPIs

• Managing partner ramp-up & enablement – creating a success oriented process with joint target setting, clear  actions and expectations, ensuring well trained local sales & technical teams
> Defining a 30-day -> 90-day -> 180-day process with high touch and assessment points
> Creating a joint on-boarding schedule
> Engaging and training all relevant partner teams – sales, technical, marketing and operation
> Providing a partner sales kit

• Securing sales and business continuity per target market – empowering growth by providing on-ground sales support throughout first deals and constant engagagement with the partner management team
> Investing in joint sales efforts with the first prospects
> Building joint marketing plans to grow market footprint – by segment or vertical
> Creating tools for business monitoring to help partner and vendor analyze progress
> Crystallizing the key selling proposition per market and the joint go-to-market strategy
> Building sales incentive programs for partner sales force

​• Best practices – penetrating a vertical market / market segment, motivating partners and individuals for successful  enablement to all teams, building market positioning, monitoring and incentivizing channel sales force and more.


Increase sales by growing your company’s footprint in target markets and segments
• Develop an efficient go-to-market per territory
• Defined and effective on-board process for partners
• Investing in partners with higher prospect for success
• Growing reach and brand recognition worldwide